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So, OK, I’ve been lousy at posting. I throw myself on my pen in abject humiliation.

What’s been doing? Not a lot really. My philosophy has always been “don’t write if you’ve nothing interesting to write about”. One of my acquaintances on Facebook seems to post daily, if not hourly, on where he’s eating, where he and his husband are going for drinks. And this includes photographs of the beverage-du-jour. I don’t get it, really.

Hmm, one could possibly imagine that I’ve actually got something of significance to chat about. Well, um, maybe…

As some know, I purchased a home in Palm Springs a little more than a year ago. It’s become my Fortress of Solitude, my place to entertain in those rare times when I’m in a party mood, and a place that I can call my own little corner of the universe. I love it there. There’s an odd thing about Palm Springs (although San Francisco seems much the same way) – You arrive with no weekend plans and in short order without discernible effort, your weekend fills with social engagements, catching a meal or a movie, and so on. Then there’s home ownership which brings with it endless chores, another black hole for free time. Does this explain what I’ve been doing lately? I’ll get back to you on that.

In things automotive for those few who vaguely care, after several overheating incidents from split hoses and an ongoing mysterious disappearance of coolant, I decided to trade in my beloved Mercedes. It got to the point that AAA was ready to assign me my own personal tow truck which would follow me waiting for the next breakdown. I can now confidently assure you that breaking down on a 100 degree day in a black car with no shade whatsoever while the engine is cooling slowly from a temperature just below that of the sun is not, repeat not, fun. The new wheels are a 2010 Lexus IS-F which came with a warranty covering the vehicle until the end of time. The IS-F is an oddity. Luxury skillfully blended with white knuckle power. Imagine Frankenstein’s monster dressed in Armani and you’ve got the concept.

Work is well, work. Long hours, endless critiques, whatever joy might have been there is long gone. For those who have extremely long memories, She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, my project’s administrative assistant, went out on disability at the end of November without prior notice and may never return. We’re hoping she never returns. We’re lighting candles in the hope that she never returns. We’d sell ourselves to the devil if needed if it guaranteed that she’d not return. Got the picture? Yeah, thought so.

Back in Bland Diego, er, San Diego, I’ve decided to relocate myself to a less costly but still nice set of digs. Packing is hell, clearly my most hated of activities. Still, there is a degree of adventure digging into closets holding boxes of stuff which have remained untouched for over six years. Last night I found a lovely clock radio which has incredible sound quality and had been buried in a plastic tub of ancient electronics items. Problem is that the radio doesn’t work properly any longer. Why did I keep it? Damned if I know! Perhaps I need an intervention.

This weekend just past involved a birthday party for a good friend. About a dozen guests in all, it involved a casual dinner at a rather nice Mexican restaurant I’d never eaten at. The strange part was when two of the guests departed before dinner orders were placed. No farewells that I saw, they may have waved at the birthday boy before leaving. Kreskin would have been impressed. This would have not been notable were it not for a second couple who departed in much the same fashion after gobbling down dinner. Did I mention that I was seated next to this second couple? Did I mention that we knew one another and have many mutual friends? They merely stood up, handed the party organizer some money, and were gone. Is there some new 21st century social practice that sanctions such actions? Or am I, in addition to suffering increasing senility, living in an antediluvian world of courtesy?

And speaking of feeling out of touch, in the past two weeks I’ve had two good friends announce that they have found men who are their true loves and this after dating for a matter of a few weeks. We’re talking rings and picket fences here folks. It makes me wonder if partnering is now as simple as microwave popcorn. And about as satisfying. Yes, I believe that love at first sight is possible but still...

So, what is the moral of this missive? I don’t know that there is one. I’ve posted. I feel fulfilled.

Hey Rick!!!

Date: 2013-01-21 11:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sfkev.livejournal.com
So good to see you on here!!! I am in the same church; different pew in posting... if there is nothing exciting, then why post?? Yet, I love reading about all my friends and their exciting/mundane experiences... go figure ;-)

Anyway, nice to hear about things going on in your life...
Edited Date: 2013-01-21 11:34 pm (UTC)

Date: 2013-01-22 03:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mrdreamjeans.livejournal.com
Luxury skillfully blended with white knuckle power. Imagine Frankenstein’s monster dressed in Armani and you’ve got the concept. ... Thus, one of the reasons I miss your posts.

Am I, in addition to suffering increasing senility, living in an antediluvian world of courtesy? Yes. I find that kind of behavior appalling and unacceptable.

It makes me wonder if partnering is now as simple as microwave popcorn. It's been so long since I even opened the package, I can't imagine this. I'd rather leave the popcorn in kernels in the package than risk the microwave:)

Way off topic: Did you receive my Xmas letter? I still value having you in my life. Please let me know when you change addresses.


Date: 2013-01-22 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ricksf.livejournal.com
Hey there Neil! Yes, I did indeed get your card and thank you. I haven't sent cards in a few zillion years, shame on me.

Take my word for it, those raw popcorn kernels are pretty tough!

Date: 2013-01-22 03:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fuzzygruf.livejournal.com
Why weren't you invited to the other party?

Date: 2013-01-22 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ricksf.livejournal.com
Heck, I wouldn't even invite me to my own party!

Date: 2013-01-22 04:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] excessor.livejournal.com
I was surprised when you said you'd replaced the Benz with an IS-F. I drive a '07 IS250 RWD and I love it for what it is. It was slightly after that cars in general starting rolling off the assembly line with built-in Bluetooth and other modern conveniences. I would imagine that an -F has a lot of power.

Those folks at the restaurant were rude. The only possible mitigating factor would be that they'd informed the host/organizer ahead of time that they'd have to leave earlier than most. Wow.

As for the true love thing—it happens all the time. I think a lot of people love the idea of partnering, but it's hard work and a few weeks isn't even long enough to pick a wall color, much less a partner. One assumes the sex is acceptable; as if sex were the primary determinant of who is a good partner.

Date: 2013-01-22 05:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ricksf.livejournal.com
The Benz was something of a dream toy. For nearly 4 years, it was a sweet dream indeed. And then it turned to nightmare. The decision point when I was informed that if a head gasket was failing or a head had warped from the overheating, it would START at $5,000 and go up from there. Easy decision. Now the F is a very different animal. Luxury, yes, but more monied boy racer than true lux. And yes, it has every option I could imagine, and some I would never imagine. You'll have to take it for a spin when we're both next in PS.

The restaurant departures seemed odd to me. It wasn't so big a group that a "have a great evening" farewell would have been impossible. Peculiar but boys will be boys!

To me, love and lust are miles apart. You have to be friends to be in a solid relationship. And friendships just don't happen in a few weeks. I wish happiness for my friends but I shall remain a cynic.

Date: 2013-01-24 05:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hotelbearsf.livejournal.com
I had the fun opportunity to drive Rick's car when we went to lunch over the holidays. Talk about a car that hauls - this one really does! It also gave me the inspiration to get my new car.

Date: 2013-01-25 06:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ricksf.livejournal.com
Mark, a shame you didn't have a chance to drive my departed Benz E55 AMG. As my car-obsessed buddy Dan (who sold me the Benz 5 years ago), the AMG was 'stupid fast'. And believe me, it was!

Congrats on the new G37! A really excellent choice!

Thank you for sharing.

Date: 2013-01-22 04:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hardybear.livejournal.com
Nice to hear from you, Rick.

A place in San Diego and in Palm Springs. Sounds like life is good :)

Date: 2013-01-22 06:52 am (UTC)
ext_646489: (Default)
From: [identity profile] goodolmike.livejournal.com
I've been meaning to post here, too.

In their defense, the first two guys had a prior engagement, and they asked if they could join us for "a drink". The other two guys, yeah, I don't know. But I was really happy with everybody who came. I had a lovely time!

Date: 2013-01-22 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ricksf.livejournal.com
It was a very fun party Mike and I thank you for the invitation. You're right, I recall hearing that the first two had an engagement to go to. I guess I'm very old school when it comes to greetings and farewells. I try to make contact with everyone if feasible. And after all, the evening was all about you!! :)

Date: 2013-01-24 05:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hotelbearsf.livejournal.com
It was so great to see you for lunch. I'm glad you found a new set of digs in SD and that life is going well. I'll be back down to the Desert over President's Weekend so I hope to see you then!

Date: 2013-01-25 06:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ricksf.livejournal.com
Excellent! I'm hoping to be in PS that weekend!
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