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You know, when I first joined LJ a bunch of years ago I was thrilled with the concept of having a place where I could do a bit of creative writing which would hopefully offer a bit of entertainment to those few friends who were foolish enough to read my posts.  In those early years, posting became a high point of my week (yes, my life is deadly dull).

As the years passed I became more and more critical of what was “post-worthy”.  I’ve never been one of those who felt that I’d burn in hell (Ha!  There is no such place!!) if I didn’t tell the interwebs how often I burped today or posted a picture of my cat asleep.  It  would have even more strongly confirmed  how dull my life indeed is.

Fast forward to the last few months.  Things have been happening.  Interesting things in fact.  And yet I still haven’t found the time and urge to clog my journal with babble.  Do I really think that this post will be a reversal of my cone of silence?  Um, no.

Sooo, OK, what are these interesting things?  It’d be a hoot if I didn’t share them with you, wouldn’t it?  As my few friends would quickly observe, yes, I AM that kind of a smartass.  So just to prove them wrong, here goes…

Not quite two years ago I purchased a small home in Palm Springs.  It’s become my Fortress of Solitude.  Amazing how having very little to do can be so pleasing.  I’ve been thrilled to host friends from time to time but it’s the quiet times that are so energizing.  The Springs is such an informal place.  I’ve discovered that making advance plans seems almost bad form unless it’s a big fete of some sort.  You don’t need to be bored, that’s for sure.

About a month ago I was reminded of one of the joys of home ownership.  Things break.  Expensive things that you didn’t plan for.  Like air conditioning.  In a city where temps can climb to over 120F, A/C is not a frill, it’s survival.  I now have wonderful freshly cooled air.  And my wallet is bleeding.

At almost the same time as the A/C-pocalypse, I contracted a viral infection which threw me into the arms of Vicodin which excelled in placing the pain in fuzzy pink bunny slippers.  In my drugged haze, believe me, those slippers were real.

And then there’s the biggest news…  There’s about to be a new man in my life.  After nearly seven years of singleocity (which weren’t bad years by any means), a gent named David (yes, same name as my ex) pole vaulted into my life.  We’re two very different people with divergent histories yet we fit together like the proverbial hand in glove (foot in mouth?).  And yes, it seems that when you least expect it, love really does find you.  Not wishing to turn this post into a novella, I’ll say no more about the guy.  But don’t be surprised if he becomes a featured topic in possible future posts.
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