Jul. 22nd, 2010

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In 1964, the original Twilight Zone TV series came to an end.  Although there have been attempts at reviving this legendary show (including a so-so movie), none have ever truly caught on.  Rod Serling's vision is one of memory... and DVD.

Today, my own personal Twilight Zone came to an end. 

For those who might have read my post of a couple of weeks ago, you'll know that two friends and I had made an offer on a house in Palm Springs.  The seller, a strange middle aged woman, who we nicknamed Barbie, decided half way through escrow to arbitrarily (and quite in breech of the sale agreement) attempt to stop escrow and retain the house.  Now understand that Barbie owned the house for only nine months, having purchased it out of foreclosure, and had rented it out as a vacation property while she lived elsewhere.  Her explanation for her capritious act "my situation has changed".  We were faced with finding legal representation to force Barbie to honor the sale agreement.

Here's what's happened since...

Friday, July 10 - Barbie, through her realtor, files a cancellation of escrow, stopping the escrow process

Monday, July 12 - After a weekend of Emails and phone calls, the three of us secure legal services

Tuesday, July 13 - Barbie receives a sternly worded letter from our lawyer promising some very ugly repercussions if she does not permit the escrow to continue.

Wednesday, July 14 - Barbie, again through her realtor, removes her request to cancel escrow

Thursday, July 15 to Monday, July 19 - Escrow company computers fail, Emails are lost, documentation in disarray, frustration level mounts

Tuesday, July 20, 2:00PM - We receive a note from the escrow company that Barbie has Emailed them a note (entirely, and I think deliberately, ignoring her realtor) once again stopping escrow.  Mushroom clouds of anger rise from us, our realtor, the seller's realtor, and the mortgage company

Tuesday, July 20, 4:00PM - Under what we believe to be the threat of several lawsuits, Barbie removes her request, allowing escrow to continue.  Radiation damage is extensive

Wednesday, July 21 - The mortgage funds

Thursday, July 22 - A miracle happens, the purchase is recorded, we own a house

So, if you're looking for me this weekend, look here...


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