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rickps ([personal profile] rickps) wrote2010-09-15 07:24 pm

12 Angry Men (and Women) - Endgame

And so my day in the San Diego court system has come to an end. More with a whimper than a scream.

I was called to jury selection in a group of 40 for a criminal trial. A woman was being taken to court by the City with four counts against her, all related to use of PCP. We were told that there was a huge potential of witnesses including many police officers.

The court had elected to draw names for the jury. I was selected a juror #4 and survived the judge's qualification questions. We broke for lunch and were told to return at 2PM. To my surprise, we were not allowed back in the courtroom at 2PM. As the minutes ticked by, curiosity mounted, at least in my mind. Around 3 we were finally escorted back to our seats. "Good news/bad news" the judge announced. Bad news was that there would not be a trial. The opposing sides had come to a deal at the eleventh hour. We never learned what that deal was. But the good news was that we were done for the day and for this round of jury service.

Frankly, I was disappointed. I wanted to serve on a jury. I enjoy the trial process. Funny how I came away feeling cheated.